Listing of Soundex Conversions

These codes are used to help one find information for a particular surname in the National Archive and Family History Library any where in the world.

Surname Soundex Code
Anderson A536
Bares B620
Becker B260
Berger B626
Bonie B500
Burke B620
Covelli C140
Debartolo D163
Dewleg D420
Fetzer F326
Finnegar F526
Griffin G615
Houser H260
Kirchen K625
Kosboth K213
Kraus K620
Malec M420
Mehl M400
Merwrio M660
Murphy M610
Obrien O165
Rickands R253
Ruffala R140
Price P620
Pereklita P624
Salerno S465
Self S410
Simpson S512
Sisak S220
Smith S530
Stratton S363
Svikhart S126
Thurow T600
Westphal W231
Wilson W425

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