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Computers and Technology

Sun Microsystems
BONZI Voice Email
CMP TechWeb
Gamelan's Java Software Directory
Gartner Group, Inc.
PC Magazine Online
Wired News

Computers in General

A Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies available on the Internet
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
OS/2 New User Information
DQS Distributed Queuing System
Microsoft Developer Network"

Software Engineering

Software Engineering Institute
Interim Profile Development and Trial of a Method to Rapidly Measure Software Engineering Maturity Status
SeaGate : Technology
Software Development Online
A Personal Commitment to Software Quality
The Software Engineering Institute
Bibliographies on Software/Hardware Engineering and Formal Methods
TCSE: Technical Council on Software Engineering
Software Development Online
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Computer Reading Material

Journals & Magazines

Previous Web Coder Columns
Magazines for Programmers
Software Development Online

Some Light Reading

The On-line Books Page
C++ Tutorial Textbook ( 9-May-1994)
Programming in C
C, C++ and Object Oriented Programming Related Home Pages

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