The Map Room

As you walk into the room you are overwhelmed by the wall paper. As you get closer you notice it not wall paper, there are numerous Maps over all the walls. As you travel around the room you discover there is a wall full of cabinets. It sparks your curiosity. By choosing one at random you open one of the cabinet large doors. The door opens so easily that it almost slips out of your hand. Out of astonishment you find several shelves of maps. The shelves are labeled in alphabetical order according to URL (Universal Resource Language). As you start to flip some of the maps you are temporary interrupted by a noise behind you. As you turn around you see some one enter the room and approach one of tables in the middle of the room. When you walked in the maps on the walls grasped your interest so well, you did not notice them. The person looks at the map quickly at the table and leaves. A couple more people enter the room and go to a couple of tables. Many do not even use the chairs next to the tables. Before you can get a word of greetings out, they leave. Now you want to want to know what is on the tables. As you approach you can tell they are maps of some sort.

A close look Reveals the following:

Search Engines

Tools for searching the Web

RBSE's URL database






World Wide Web Wanderers, Spiders and Robots

Exit to Hall Way

Document Created by Graham L. Mehl