Welcome to the Study

As you look around the room you find many tables and desks scattered around the room. There is a large stone fireplace off to the right with a stuffed Grizzly's head hanging over it. The fire in the fireplace warms the room to a comfortable temperature for reading. There are a handful of lounge chairs circling a heavy woven rug placed in front of the fireplace. The room is well-light by lights hanging on the walls. The atmosphere of the room gives you the impression it is used for serious reading. You take note of some books were left on one of the tables. You notice a door off to the Right with a sign over it, "The Library"

UNIX Tutorial

FAQ for Villanova University Mendel Computer Lab

HiRel (The Hybrid Automated Reliability Predictor [HARP] Integrated Reliability System Tool)

Telecommunication Conference Center Software Package - Written in Java

You look around wondering where more documents are? Maybe if you hold the books in your hands and shout " Where do you belong". They may answer.

Exit to Hall Way | Exit to The Library | Try asking where the books belong

Document Created by Graham L. Mehl