HTML Phrase Elements

Phrase elements add structural information to text fragments. The commonly used phase elements and their meaning are as following:

<EM> </EM>
Indicates emphasis and usually is Italic.
Indicates stronger emphasis and ususally is bold.
Contains a citation or a reference to other sources.
<DFN> </DFN>
Indicates that this is the defining instance of the enclosed term.
Designates a fragment of computer code and usually is Courier.
Designates sample output from programs, scripts, etc.
<KBD> </KBD>
Indicates text to be entered by the user and usually is Courier.
<VAR> </VAR>
Indicates an instance of a variable or program argument.
Indicates an abbreviated form (e.g., WWW, HTTP, URI, Mass., etc.).
Indicates an acronym (e.g., WAC, radar, etc.).
Indicates an email address (e.g.

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