This is header one

This is header two

This is header three

This is header four

This is header five
This is header six
Here is a font of size 7

Here is a font of size -7

After this text there is the use of a paragraph break

After this text there is the use of a line break
And this is just plain text being typed/ place after the line break.

Here is an example of text in bold and his is italic is displayed here

Advance tag is center text as this is

I am placing an anchor here called lists before this line

Here is an un-ordered list of items

Here is an ordered list of items

  1. item one
  2. item two
  3. item three

Here is an un-ordered list using square as item designators.

Definition Tag - Definition term
A definition tag is useful when you are defining terms - and this is the definition
this is a bar image This is placing plain text on the screen after the bar as an example that just text can be used. If you notice to the text will automatically wrap to the next line even though I make the lines I am typing of different lengths.

Here is a link back to the anchor that I created earlier.

Here is a link to the Explorer Post home page.

Another interesting feature is I can write equations such as H2O or even math type equations such as E = mc2

Here are some examples of basic HTML tags. With this knowledge using the following tags create your own sample homepage that you will bring to the next Explorer Post meeting. To view the source of this web document in a web browser click on this link.