Chapters 2 : Internet and the World Wide Web

Sections 1 : Connecting to the Internet


Dial-up connection have become the most popular type of internet connectivity, especially for personal home users. A modem is used to to dial a host computer to access the Internet. Dial-Up connectivity is cheap and does not require an expensive hardware. The only requiremests are to have a computer, modem, and telephone line. The telephone line is only required when the computer is connected to the Internet. There are a couple of different type of Dial-Up connections.

Depending on the type will determine the type of access and Internet services you will be able to use. Command Line access, is the most basic access, where it is mainly text base access. Dial-Up IP Access permits you to have your computer be connected directly temporarily to the Internet via your Internet provider. The connection also allows you to have a PPP or SLIP connection, which allows you to use most applications that require the Internet to use. An example is a web broswer. These type of connections tend to be a bit more expensive then cammand line access. Commercial Online Service is a type of connection that provides Internet services and more. Additional services such as information database, on-line games, file libraries. The plus of this type of access is it can be accessed by a number of local access telephone numbers from many cities. The disadvantage is Commercial Services access has limited access to the Internet.

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