Title: Telecommunications Conference
Center Java Application
Author:Graham L. Mehl
Advisor: Dr. John Lewis
Term: Spring 1996


The newly introduced Java language was the focal point of this project. A group of graduate students at Villanova University form a team to create a software package called, "Telecommunication Conference Center." This software package was written in the programming language called Java. This project was intended to be the vehicle for multiple concepts. The paper will explore the Java programming language, the Object-Oriented Paradigm along with many concepts within the paradigm that the Java language makes use of, and how the Java language handles and make use of network communication, as well as the language's portability capability by using the Java byte code.. The software package was developed as an web agent and submitted to Sun Microsystems Inc. Java Cup Contest that was held in March of 1996 as a representative Java applet for Villanova University.

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Written By Graham L. Mehl
Last Modified on April 23, 1996
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