logout		- Ends a UNIX session
date - Prints the time and date
who - Lists other uses that are logged in
w - Tells what other users are doing
whoami - Prints who is presently logged on
finger <username> - Shows complete information about username
talk <usersname> - Allow user to talk to username like a telephone
man - A on line manual on the system
rusers [-l] - Tell who is logged on
more <filename> - list contents of filename one screen at a time
cat <filename> - List contents of filename
clear - Clears the screen
ls - Lists files and directories in current directory
cp - Copies a file to a new file
mv - Moves one file to another file
rm - Removes a file from current directory
cd - Changes directory
mkdir - Make a directory
rmdir - Remove a directory
Mail <username> - Sends mail to username
lpr <filename> - Prints filename to line printer
lpr -Psparc <filename> - Prints filename to laser printer
<ctrl> c - Interrupts application
<ctrl> d - Exits UNIX session and Exits mail tool
vi <filename> - Starts a vi session in command mode

Commands in vi

dd		- Deletes on line of text
x - Deletes one character that the cursor is on
ZZ - Saves the buffer and exits vi mood
<esc> - Always return you to the command mode
h, j, k l - Move cursor left, down, up, right respectively
a - Enter the append mode (insert mode)
i - Enter insert mode

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