Pulished works of Melissa Turner

Unnamed Free Verse

There you are so far away.
"Good morning", "Nice shirt", "Have plans?"
"Let's take in a movie" -- all
Unspeakable across the miles.

Day by day, you cross my mind --
More often than the day before. I see
Glimpses of crisp morning breezes
Brushing our waking faces
As we scamper to a crest to
Catch the fresh rays of the morning sun
Piercing the dawn skylined ridge.

Or maybe we are driving down the freeway,
Passing others on our way to a new spot.
A three-day weekend adventure in a place unknown.
History, architecture, shopping, the arts --
All await our arrival.
An excuisite dinner - my taste buds are anxious.

Or we're rushing to catch the flight out --
A deserted beach on a tropical isle,
A full moon directing the crashing symphonic waves,
A pair of diving suits, and sevn
Days before we punch the clock again.

Or when the day has been simply tedious, and
Murphy's Law has prevailed,
A quick call - arrangements are made:
Dinner at 8 sharp - my place --
Change into sweats because relaxation and
A walk around the block are the ways to unwind

Or there's a play opening in town
Next week. Grab the tickets, your dinner jacket,
And we're off. The sights and sounds --
What energy! Imagine - the plot sparks a
Discussion that would last the night.

Oh time is precious - how do we spend it?
To be blessed with companions and confidants --
What a cherished life!

Melissa Turner