Covelli Family Reunion 2000

The Covelli family started a tradition several years ago to have a family gathering every 5 years for those that can make it.
It was hard to organize this reunion. I made attempts to start the organization about a year. It was difficult to get a general agreement for the time and place. I stated that I planned to arrive in North Aurora, Illinois in August of 2000 and that is what I did. My mother, Judith Mehl, joined me. Many of the Covelli family that lived in North Aurora, Illinois showed their face. I succumb to slipped disc at the beginning of the month. So my activities at the reunion were limited. Not all members of the Covelli Family were able to attend for various reasons, but they all were in our thoughts.

The Family reunion started at a gathering at Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Covelli Sr. on Friday, August 25. The family was able to talk with each other and get up to speed on what every one else was up to. The conversation changed into a family game. This time it was Gestures. A family gathering would not be with out a trip to the family restaurant, A & W. A few of the members went out and played miniature gulf. To wrap up the reunion Cheri and Don Thurow had a closing picnic at their house, where the family engaged in good food, pleasant conversation, many games of bean bag toss and ring toss, and family members were welcome to take a dip in their above ground swimming pool.

And before my mother and I departed, this genealogist got a surprise. Mrs. LaVerne (Fetzer) Covelli presented me with 42 double side pages of genealogical information she received over the weekend on her father and mother's parents (Berger) side of the family. It seems another family genealogist, Flo Cahill, contacted her about some research she was doing. This packet of information contains approximately 500 new names that need to be added to my current 675 names (both Covelli and Mehls) in my database. So I will be busy added all these names and data to the database and then to the web site for your viewing.

I took a number of family photos that are were available, but do to limited disk space had to be removed, However, I still maintain copies of all sort of pictures. If anyone wishes to have me reprint a photo via the negative; contact me and I will be glad to pass them along.

The Next Covelli Reunion is planned for planned for August 2005 Friday, August 5 - 7, 2005
Friday, August 12 - 14, 2005
Friday, August 19 - 21, 2005
Friday, August 26 - 28, 2005
There was some talk of having it at Michael A. Covelli Sr.'s cottage in Alma, Wisconsin.

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