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Genealogical Research has been a fascinating experience. I have come to realize that this type of research is time consuming and does have some minor costs, but you do get to met a lot of friendly people. I would like to take this time to thank every one that has helped me collect and compile and verify the information that I have. Especially Kathyrn Mary (Covelli) Stratton and Susan Christine Mehl for providing their research to me. 2003 contributors have been Edwin Svikhart and Florence Cahill. 2005 contributors have been Julie Null and Laura Linden Freeman. And a significate part of the Italian information came from a web site about the Marano region of Italy. With time all the information I have will be presented within these pages. Family Information has been password protected per request of living family members. If you would like to obtain the password, Please email me.

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Some places where my relatives lie in peace.

Source: Graveyards of Chicago
Mt. Olivet Cemetery Forest Home / Waldheim Cemetery
Map of Mt. Olivet Cemetery

History of Italy
History of Salerno, Italy History of Cosenza, Italy

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