Welcome to Graham's Home

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As you enter the front door you enter into a large lobby. The lobby is filled with nature light pouring in from the sky lights 75 feet above you. There are two rather large white pillars in the middle of the lobby. A spiral staircase off to your right leading upstairs. You can see there are entrances to rooms off to the right and to the left from where you are standing.

To the Left is a long dimly light hallway with wall to wall blue carpeting. There is a big plaque on the wall with gold lettering:

The Study

The Library Room

The Family Room

The Den

To the Right is a short Tiled hallway. There is a big plaque on the wall with gold lettering:

The Service Room

The University Room

The Map Room - Search Page

You have the option to climb the 35 feet spiral staircase, but you are warned you may not return. It has been said four people have entered the rooms upstairs and never returned to explore the rest of the house.

The Bed Room

Straight across from the front door you see a large amount of daylight pouring into the lobby. You have surmised it has to be a large window or exit to the backyard As you investigate further you discover it is a sliding glass door.

Open the Sliding Door

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Document Created by Graham L. Mehl